€ 50.00 € 100.00 € 200.00 & € 300.00 HOLIDAY COUPONS available with discounts from 10% to 20%.

Coupons are available for purchase until November 30, 2020 and must be used within one year.

At this unprecedented moment caused by the health emergency, when we’re (not) working, you can help support our business and Veneto tourism by purchasing a HOLIDAY COUPON.

At this challenging time, we want to offer you all the support we can to help you organise a weekend getaway, summer holiday or short break after such a long time locked down at home.

This is why we’ve created HOLIDAY COUPONS in a range of sizes – € 50.00 € 100.00 € 200.00 & € 300.00 – which can be purchased at a discount and which you can use to pay for your stay with us.

HOLIDAY COUPONS will be available for purchase until 30 November 2020 and are valid for 12 months starting from the date they are first used.

Get a € 50.00 HOLIDAY COUPON for a purchase price of € 45.00.

You save € 5.00

Get a € 100.00 HOLIDAY COUPON for a purchase price of € 85.00.

You save € 15.00

Get a € 200.00 HOLIDAY COUPON for a purchase price of € 160.00.

You save € 40.00

Get a € 300.00 HOLIDAY COUPON for a purchase price of € 240.00.

You save € 60.00

Our HOLIDAY COUPONS give you the opportunity to purchase stays at the rates and promotions published in our price list.

The HOLIDAY COUPONS can be used from when we re-open (in accordance with the government regulations relating to the COVID-19 emergency) until 30 November 2021, with the possibility of changing your booking date up to 24 hours before your scheduled arrival date. This means you are free to reschedule your stay in case you change your mind or are unable to leave home.

HOLIDAY COUPONS are non-refundable but may be used two or more times until you have used up their nominal values.

HOLIDAY COUPONS are transferable and can be used by people other than the original purchaser (family or friends) and can be used as gifts for birthdays, anniversaries or holidays. HOLIDAY COUPONS purchased as gifts will be delivered to the recipient using the method of your choice (by email or post) on the day of your choosing. Upon request we can also include a personalised message.

HOLIDAY COUPONS can be bought starting today and payment, once you receive our invoice, can be made by credit card or bank transfer. HOLIDAY COUPONS can be delivered by email or post.


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